A Recent Survey has Revealed the Low Condom Use Rate among Youth

A Recent Survey has Revealed the Low Condom Use Rate among Youth

AIDS Concern Urges to Promote Life Skill Education to Address the Issue

(From left) Miss Mandy Cheung, Program Director of AIDS Concern; Ginger Lemon Cola, Producer & YouTuber and Mr Jim Hoe, Program Manager (Youth Team) of AIDS Concern encourage young people to take HIV antibody rapid test and practice safer sex.  


[For immediate release] 17 March 2015

To learn more about the sexual practices of the sexually active heterosexual youth aged 14 – 25 (thereafter “youth”), AIDS Concern has conducted a survey in the period of March – December 2014 and interviewed 187 youth who have had sexual intercourse(s) in the past 6 months before being interviewed. The survey allows AIDS Concern to further study the phenomenon of low condom use rate and high infection rate of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) among the community.  

According to the result, the interviewed youth possess a certain amount of knowledge of STD/HIV. 85% respondents know that using condoms could effectively prevent STD infection (160/187, 85.56%) and HIV infection (159/187, 85.02%); More than 90% respondents understand that one could not identify if an individual is infected with STD or HIV by his/her appearance (177/187, 94.65%). Meanwhile, 80% respondents said that they are confident in asking his/her sex partner(s) to use condoms (151/187, 80.75%), and 70% of them believed that under strong sexual urge, they could still practice safer sex (133/187, 71.12%).  

In addition, the result reveals that the respondents’ condom use rate is lower than 50%. Among the total 187 respondents, 129 of them have had sexual intercourse(s) with their boyfriend(s)/girlfriend(s) in the past 6 months, but only 58 of them (58/129, 44.96%) use condoms every time; 74 respondents (74/187, 39.57%) have had sexual intercourse(s) with their regular sex partner(s) in the past 6 months, but only 28 of them (28/74, 37.83%) use condoms every time. Besides, there are 134 respondents (134/187, 78%) who have never taken a STD or HIV test. Among the 129 youth who took urine tests this time, a total of 15 of them (15/129, 11.6%) were found Chlamydia positive. The infection rate is significantly higher than some other at risk communities such as the Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) community (3.9%) and Clients of Female Sex Workers (2.6%) by 2.9 to 4.5 times.    

Mr Jim Hoe, Program Manager (Youth Team) of AIDS Concern, said that the result reflects that only possessing relevant knowledge could not help youth to practice safer sex. He believes that by providing proper life skills education, young people would be taught skills to tackle challenges in real life. For example, teaching them how to encourage sex partners to use condoms and rejecting request of practicing unsafe sex. In other words, it allows young people to apply theory into real life, that to strengthen their ability in safer sex practices.  

‘Through role-playing and workshops, we teach young people to deal with various kinds of sex related challenges, for instance, “how to negotiate with partner(s) about using condoms” and “how to deal with unfriendly cashier(s) when buying condoms at convenience stores”. We help them to improve their communication and problem-solving skills step by step to ultimately reduce their risk of STD/HIV infections and unplanned pregnancy.’ Jim said. 

Miss Mandy Cheung, Program Director of AIDS Concern said that AIDS Concern will organise seminars and workshops to promote life skills education to teachers and youth workers and encourage them include it in sexuality education to address the needs of youth.

To better promote their testing services to the targeted youth, AIDS Concern has invited Ginger Lemon Cola, an influential YouTuber among young people, to produce and star in the latest testing promotion video which tells a story of him getting drunk and engaging in unsafe sex. The video attempts to encourage young people who share similar experiences to get tested at AIDS Concern Yau Ma Tei Health Service Center (Booking Hotline: 2394 6677). Up till now, approximately 70,000 click rates are received on YouTube. Video Link: https://youtu.be/SAJZc5D9GqU




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