World AIDS Day 2013 "I'M Positive"


World AIDS Day 2013 "I'M Positive"


75% HK People say “No” to PLHIV

AIDS Concern encourages the public to be more accepting with a POSITIVE attitude


In October 2013, AIDS Concern conducted a street survey about public perceptions toward people living with HIV (PLHIV). It revealed that while 83% of people would be friends with PLHIV, only 25% people said that they could accept their partners if HIV positive. Also, while AIDS has been long classified as a chronic rather than incurable disease, still 34% of citizens are unaware that life expectancy of PLHIV can be the same as normal people if receiving proper treatment. (See Appendix)


AIDS Concern believes that the public bias and stigma against PLHIV is due to insufficient public education and information. Therefore, we have decided to commemorate World AIDS Day 2013 with the theme “I’m Positive” aiming at promoting a PLHIV-friendly culture in Hong Kong. Director of Marketing & Communications of AIDS Concern Irene Lam said while “POSITIVE” is commonly used to describe a person diagnosed with HIV, it can also be used to represent a positive and proactive lifestyle. “It’s important for us to say‘No’ to HIV but not to PLHIV. Only a positive and open public attitude to HIV/AIDS and PLHIV can bring the proper prevention and treatment to both non-infected people and PLHIV.”


In order to break the ice between non-infected people and PLHIV, and to promote anti-stigma messages, AIDS Concern is inviting the public to take a photograph with the “I’M POSITIVE” statement and upload For every photo posted, Durex will donate a condom to AIDS Concern for us to fight against HIV/AIDS.


On 17th November (Sun) 1-6pm, AIDS Concern will be gathering with a team of HKBU students (School of Communications) to promote HIV/AIDS prevention and education on Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok. We will offer games for pedestrians to play and distribute leaflets and souvenirs in anattempt to raise public awareness towards World AIDS Day 2013.


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About AIDS Concern

AIDS Concern was established in 1990 as the first non-government charity organization committed to the service of AIDS-care and consultation in Hong Kong. Our mission is to keep HIV low prevalence in Hong Kong through targeted prevention and care programmes for vulnerable communities, and to reduce the stigma attached to people living with HIV/AIDS.

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