Promoting Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Young People




According to the Department of Health, the number of teenagers aged 29 or below infected with HIV has risen sharply by 55.6% from 2011-2015, which shows a worrying trend that reflects the urgency to implement positive sexuality education in Hong Kong.  However, the ‘Guideline on Sex Education in Secondary Schools’ has not been amended since 1997 and does not provide a clear and systematic guidance on sex education classes to cater to the needs of the teenagers. 

To keep the HIV prevalence low in Hong Kong and create a supportive environment for the communities vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, we believe it is important to promote the importance of safe sex and the respect of people with different sexuality or sexual orientation to the youngsters.

Therefore, we urge the Education Bureau to provide clear guidelines on sexuality education in secondary schools to establish Positive Sexuality Education for young people. Click here to read our position paper on Positive Sexuality Education.

Our Action
In view of the current severe sexual health condition of the teenagers, and the insufficiency of current sex education, we have developed an evidence-based teaching manual on positive sexuality education with Sticky Rice Love. With a one-year pilot scheme to evaluate the effectiveness of our curriculum, the teaching material has been proved to be effective in protecting the sexual health of the teenagers. 

You may click here for our report to know more about the design and effectiveness of our positive sexuality education pilot scheme. You may also click here to download the teaching manual of positive sexuality education. (Both currently in Chinese only.)

The lesson plans used in the scheme (currently in Chinese only) are available below for teachers of senior secondary students to use:

Theme                                                 Lesson Plans
Intimate relationship                            PowerPoint   Worksheet
Romantic relationship                          PowerPoint   Worksheet
Safer sex practice                                PowerPoint   Worksheet
Understanding different sexualities      PowerPoint