Strategic Direction



AIDS Concern will lead social change by individuals, organisations and society to meet our strategic priorities, to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and eliminate stigma for people living with HIV.

Our Major Work Directions:

1. Deliver HIV education and prevention targeting the people at highest risk
The highest risk groups for transmission of HIV which we will focus our services on are:
• People living with HIV (those who know they are HIV positive and those who do not know)
• Men who have sex with men
• Heterosexual men with multiple sex partners
• Youth at risk for HIV infection
We will approach the groups at risk for HIV infection through outreach, workshops, and peer-counselling to provide them with free HIV/AIDS education and testing services. We will also promote the importance of safer sex among the at risk communities and strengthen their knowledge regarding sexual health in order to reduce their risk of HIV infection.

3. Build partnerships and capacity for an effective HIV response
We will work to build the capacity of other people and organisations to deliver HIV education, testing and support through collaborations and partnerships. We will also work with individuals and organisations to respond to HIV/AIDS issues and to pay close attention to sexual health issues in Hong Kong.

2. Provide support for people living with HIV in Hong Kong
We will provide information and support to people living with HIV, including counselling, home visits and “Ride Concern” transportation services. We will also equip people newly diagnosed with HIV and their families with practical HIV/AIDS knowledge.
Meanwhile, we dedicate ourselves to promoting public education to reduce stigma and discrimination in order to create a more supportive social environment for people living with HIV.

4. Create public advocacy on HIV
We will work closely with the government, local and international organisations to advocate on HIV/AIDS-related issues and policies. We will encourage the public, media and the government to respond with action. We aim to create a supportive environment that reduces the risk of HIV infection and the stigma for people affected by HIV.

Four areas we will particularly focus on are:
• Safeguarding the rights of people living with HIV
• Safeguarding the legal rights of the sexual minorities
• Promoting comprehensive sexuality education for young people
• Promoting male sexual health