"Each and Every Tomorrow" Ryan Lau

"Each and Every Tomorrow"

By Ryan Lau


Despair fills up the ward. Quietly lying on her sickbed, Macy thinks of nothing but emptiness. God of Death lingers around the window, preparing her one-way ticket to the underworld. Unexpectedly, someone knocked on the door and tears the silence; a man enters the isolated room.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Cyan.” Macy keeps her mouth shut. Manners mean nothing for a dying person. Cyan continues, “I understand what you feel now. I used to be like you.” His warm words have touched Macy’s heart, yet she is too weak to utter any response. With tubes inserted all over her body, even thinking has consumed her last bit of energy, let alone speaking. “Tomorrow will come. Listen to me: never give up. I’ve gone through all these stages. Take your doctor’s advice,” says Cyan. Macy exchanges a look with him and wonders how a man, ordinary as him, would understand the suffering of AIDS. They stare into each other’s eyes and talk no more. Strangely, Macy’s sadness is soothed a bit after talking to him.

In the afternoon, Macy tries her best to take the medicine. Cyan keeps visiting her day by day. The sun sets and rises again. Time flies without being noticed. Recovering gradually, Macy begins to look forward to his visit.  Struggling to get up, she washes herself, puts on make-up and waits for him. Although sometimes Cyan comes with his wife, she can feel how close her soul is to Cyan’s.

In the beginning of the 90s, the side-effects of AIDS medicine were so serious that the body would resist violently. Cyan used to be so ill and live with a wheelchair. His weight once dropped to 70 pounds. He asked himself, “Why should I cling to life with this incurable disease?” Fortunately, thanks to support from family and advancement in medication, he struggled to defeat all the difficulties and darkness by himself. That’s why he can see his own past in Macy’s eyes. He spends most free time at hospital just to see Macy. Cyan’s wife witnesses the change in their relationship, while her love to Cyan has transformed to friendship after the disease. Eventually, the trio calmly admits the new relationship.................. to be continued. 


The full version is available in "Something Positive ─ 5 Love Stories of People Living with HIV" .