Highlights of ‘Gay-friendly healthcare training workshop’

Highlights of
‘Gay-friendly healthcare training workshop’

We organize gay-friendly healthcare seminars regularly with professional medical associations including Hong Kong Doctors’ Union, Department of Health (Social Hygiene Clinic) and CUHK Faculty of Medicine, to share our knowledge on gay culture, common slang used in the gay community and also shared real cases of gay people being discriminated against when they seek medical assistance. We also invited Dr. Fong Yeung, the director of Neo Health, to share his knowledge on gay people’s healthcare concerns and skills on friendly consultation to doctors from different specialties. Please refer to the PowerPoint of the gay-friendly healthcare workshop for the content of our sharing session. 







We sincerely thank all the doctors below for their support to our workshop and webinar!

Chung Chun Kin                           (Dermatology & Venereology)
Lai Yik Kiu                                     (Dermatology & Venereology)
Teoh Sim Chuan Timothy             (Urology)
So Man Kit                                    (Infectious Diseases)
Wong Chun Fung                         (General Practice & Chinese medicine practitioner)
Lui Man Wai                                  (General Practice)
Siu Ping Cheong                          (General Practice)
Wong Ping Leung                        (General Practice)
Ho Oi Ping, Patrick                       (General Practice)
Lam Pang, Eric                             (General Practice)
Sun Xiao Ling                               (General Practice)
Chan Kwing Wing                         (General Practice)
Fong Yeung                                  (Family Medicine)
Chan Yan Kwong                          (Family Medicine)
Tung Po Yin                                  (Family Medicine)
Raymond Ng                                 (Family Medicine)
Lily Wong Shu Ting                      (Family Medicine)
Tony Wong King Leung                (Family Medicine)
Gordon Cheung Chak Man          (Family Medicine)
Szeto King Ho                              (Emergency Medicine)
Fung Wai Choy                             (Psychiatry)
Daisy Luk Nga Yan                       (Psychiatry)
Gabriel Hung Bing Kei                 (Psychiatry)
Clifton Tam                                   (Chinese medicine practitioner)
Dr. Rex Chan                              (Chinese medicine practitioner and physiotherapist)
Wong Kwok Tin, Martin            (Urology)
LI SHUN CHEONG                   (General Practice)

There are also doctors who agree to receive regular updates from AIDS Concern about the latest trends and healthcare concerns of the gay community, who are: 

Wu Ping Ying                              (Gastroenterology)
Winston Goh                               (Family Medicine)
Kwong Wai Yan                          (General Practitioner)
Chau Wing Kin                           (General Practitioner)
Tam Man Kei Paul                      (General Practitioner)
Tsang Kay Yan                            (Infectious Disease)
Josephine Wong Wing San        (Psychiatry)
Jacky Fong                                 (Chinese medicine practitioner)
Small Luk                                    (Chinese medicine practitioner)
Lam Hung On, Frank                (General Practice)
Lam Yik Tsz                              (General Practice)
Lo Kwok Cheung, Milton           (General Practice)
Lo Yan Kwong                           (General Practice)

We will keep promoting the scheme to other doctors and there may be more doctors joining our scheme. Stay tuned to our page!

The scheme is sponsored by the Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme. Any contents of this material/any activities organized under this project do not represent the position of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.