Number of AIDS infection is 46% higher than last quarter AIDS Concern launches testing week to combat the situation

Press Release


The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health released figures on the HIV/AIDS situation in Hong Kong in quarter 3 of 2016 today. There were 190 new cases of HIV infection in the latest quarter(July to September 2016). There were 41 cases of AIDS defined as where the HIV infection has become so advanced that opportunistic infections are attacking the body – this is a 46% increase on the previous quarter. Please see for the detailed government data.


In view of the large number of new HIV infections and the large increase in cases needing treatment for AIDS this quarter, AIDS Concern calls for urgent action. One case of unsafe sex can increase the risk of getting HIV. Community members are urged to have safer sex using condoms and to get early testing to prevent HIV/AIDS.


In response to the large number of infections and in preparation for ‘World AIDS Day’ (1st December), AIDS Concern will launch a HIV testing week from 5th December (Tue) to 11st December (Mon), to encourage the public to get tested. The testing service is anonymous, confidential and free and comes with counselling, referral and follow-up services. Details are as follow:


Date: 5th December (Tue) to 11st December (Mon)

Time: 9:40am to 10:00pm

Address: AIDS Concern Health Service Centre in Jordan (Flat B, 3/F, Fu Lee Commercial Building, 14-20 Pilkem Street, Jordan). Please visit the AIDS Concern website for booking your test.

Testing provides: HIV rapid tests and counselling


Mandy Cheung, AIDS Concern programmer director says:


‘The number of new HIV infections reported this quarter is similar to the last quarter. However, new AIDS infection cases are up 46%, from 28 last quarter to 41. This indicates that some people living with HIV do not realize that they have been infected with HIV until they have progressed to AIDS. We urge people who have had unprotected sex to get tested for HIV early. There may be no obvious symptoms in the early stage of infection. However, with early diagnosis and early treatment, people living with HIV can lead a life similar to that of non-infected people.’


Correct HIV risk assessment should include these factors: (i) whether someone has had unprotected sex, (ii) whether someone knows the HIV status of their sexual partner(s) and (iii) whether someone has had multiple sex partners. People at high risk should be tested every 3 to 6 months.                    


For enquiries, please call our testing hotline 2394 6677. Appointments can be made through our online booking system .


Also for the World AIDS Day Campaign  AIDS Concern has invited Eric Kot and Japanese artist Shinichi Tashiro to design 100 sculptures named ‘Unity Army’ to promote ‘ World AIDS Day’(1st December) and to combat AIDS with AIDS Concern. The ‘Army’ will be exhibited in Universities. After the exhibition there will be an auction of the sculptures. All proceeds will go to AIDS Concern for education and promotion work.


For further information, please contact

Tobey Tse

Marketing and Communications Officer

AIDS Concern

Tel: 2898 4411