“Don’t be Haunted by your Sexual Past” - AIDS Concern launches TV Campaign on Male Sexual Health


“Don’t be Haunted by your Sexual Past” - AIDS Concern launches TV Campaign on Male Sexual Health


For immediate release (21 June 2013)


“Don’t be Haunted by your Sexual Past”

AIDS Concern launches TV Campaign on Male Sexual Health


AIDS Concern has launched a new TV campaign which aims to increase the number of HIV tests amongst heterosexual males at risk of HIV. The campaign highlights the risk of exposure and the value of proactive testing to eliminate the fear of infection.


Many men are not having safe sex with irregular female partners

A survey conducted by AIDS Concern shows that only half of men in Hong Kong and Mainland China use condoms when they have sex with irregular female sex partners.


An important observation from outreach workers is that many men at risk are haunted by the fear of infection after having unsafe sex. However, their awareness about the opportunity to have an anonymous HIV/AIDS test is low. To respond to this vital men’s health issue in Hong Kong, the AIDS Concern campaign will appear as TV advertising over the next 12 months to bring the HIV issue to the surface. 


“Don’t be haunted by your sexual past”

The ‘Don't be Haunted by your Sexual Past’ campaign is funded by the Government AIDS Trust Fund and was created by TBWA Hong Kong as a pro bono project. It features TV and online media and follows the story of a man’s fear as he is haunted in his daily life by supernatural sounds. The message at the end of the advert is that it takes a single drop of blood to test for HIV and stand up to this fear. The campaign message taps into a basic fear of the unknown. AIDS Concern is calling for men at risk to take action to test for HIV/AIDS.


Andrew Chidgey, the Chief Executive of AIDS Concern says:

‘It’s no secret that casual unprotected sex is commonplace in Hong Kong and many men between the ages of 20 and 60 think they are immune or unlikely to contract HIV. However deep down many of them fear having been exposed to HIV but choose not to address it. By highlighting the “darker” side of the unknown, we hope to encourage greater awareness and action among men at risk.’


AIDS Concern Male Testing Month

AIDS Concern is launching an HIV testing month for men to coincide with the campaign. The voluntary counseling and testing service is free and anonymous with a trained professional and takes only 15 minutes to deliver a result. The testing month runs from 22/6/2013 – 19/7/2013. The testing centre is at Unit 602, 6/F, King Centre, 23-29 Dundas Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon. For enquiries and booking please telephone: 2394 6677 Monday to Friday 09:30 to 18:00. For more information please visit www.aidsconcern.org.hk


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