World AIDS Day 2017 Video

If you were parents, you found a condom in your daughter’s room, what would you do?

AIDS Concern invited Mr. Hui Shiu Hung and Ms. Mak Ling Ling to film our mini-movie to spread the word of safer sex on 1 Dec World AIDS Day. No matter you are a God or Goddess, you have your own right to say yes for safer sex – No Condom No Sex!

AIDS Concern interviewed a total of 493 youths, aged 13 to 25, from January to October, who had engaged in sexual activity at least six months prior to the survey. 188 women were interviewed who insisted on male condom use was significantly lower at 20 percent. Four in five young women do not require their male partners to use condoms when having sex. The main reason for this alarming figure is that their male partners refuse to use protection. Most people think condoms are only used to prevent pregnancies, and overlook the possibility of being infected with STDs, including HIV. 

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