HIV Conference 2018 Finding the Options: Taking HIV Out of Hong Kong

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HIV Conference 2018

Finding the Options: Taking HIV Out of Hong Kong



1.    Background

There are 2 new infections of HIV in Hong Kong every day on average. On the other side of the world, cities like San Francisco, London and Sydney are seeing falling HIV infection rates. With their success stories in controlling the epidemic, we believe we can do the same in Hong Kong. AIDS Concern will be holding a two-day HIV conference 2018 Finding the Options: Taking HIV Out of Hong Kong. The conference will bring international and local experts, including speakers from Australia, Thailand and Taiwan, together with community members to plan and initiate action. We will discuss the global potential innovations of HIV prevention, the current situation of care for people living with HIV, and will find the ways to prevent HIV in Hong Kong effectively.


Situation in Hong Kong

The first recorded HIV infection in Hong Kong can be traced back to 1984. The cumulative number of reported HIV has gone up to 8,952 as of September 2017. The annual number of new infection has almost doubled in the last 10 years from 373 cases in 2006 to 692 cases in 2016. In the past decade, the epidemic has been increasingly dominated by Men who have sex with men (MSM). More recently, we are seeing more young men between 20 and 29 years old being infected. With the rising epidemic and change in demographic characteristics, new HIV intervention is the need of the hour.

Currently, Hong Kong’s HIV prevention strategy still relies heavily on encouraging clinical testing and condom distribution. Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is not available in the public healthcare system which can only be acquired at private clinics with a high retail price. Non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis (nPEP) can be obtained at the public hospitals but only under very rare circumstances. Although home test kits are available through local pharmacy, NGOs and the internet, those available in Hong Kong’s retail market are not being recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). And governmental control and guidance to monitor the quality and accuracy of these kits are also absent.

2.    Aim and Objective

With the annual number of new HIV infections in Hong Kong hitting historical high, AIDS Concern urges the public to look into how Hong Kong can reduce the number of new infection rates.

The overall goal of the conference is to drive the progress in lowering HIV rates in Hong Kong by discussing how other places are dealing with HIV/AIDS, considering the role of new prevention methods like Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis (nPEP) and self-testing, and medical findings, and inspiring conversations among stakeholders, decision-makers, community members and scholars.

Expected Outcome: The outcome of the HIV Conference will be a report, containing a summary of the discussions and recommendations. The report will be made available on the website of AIDS Concern, as well as those of other partnering organizations and stakeholders as may be applicable.

3.    Date and Venue

The Conference will take place on 26-27 January 2018, at Hotel Stage (1 Chi Wo Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong).

4.    Participants

Participants of the conference will include HIV experts and researchers, local and overseas government representatives from the Health Department, doctors, practitioners, community members and leaders, activists, politicians, and social workers.

Officiating Guest

Dr. CHUI Tak-yi, JP, Under Secretary for Food and Health, Government of HKSAR 

Conference Speakers

Dr. Benjamin R. Bavinton, The Kirby Institute, University of New South Wale Australia;

Dr. Kenny CHAN Chi-wai, The Consultant (Special Preventive Programme) of the Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health;

Dr. CHENG Weibin, Associate Chief Physician/ Project Supervisor, Department of AIDS/ STD Control and Prevent, Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention;

Mr. Darien Chen, Socila Media Expert, Taiwan;

Dr. Frits van Griensven, Senior Advisor for HIV Prevention with the Thai Red Cross Research Center;

Dr. HUANG Shih-Tse, Division of Chronic Infectious Disease, Taiwan CDC;

Ms. Karen Price, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, ACON, New South Wales, Australia;

Dr. Sky LAU Hoi-leung, Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong;

Dr. Nason Tan, Sexual health and LGBT Right Advocate, Malaysia;

Mr. Samson YIP Wing Yue, Social Worker, Project Leader of “Project HERO – MSM Support Service”, Hong Kong Christian Service

5.    Conference Agenda

DAY 1: 26th Jan 2018 (1830 - 2145)

Opening Speech       

Why HIV rates are falling in that particular country

Plenary session 1 : PLHIV undetectable viral load 

DAY 2: 27th Jan 2018 (0900 - 1800)

Plenary session 2 : Self-testing and ways to drive up testing in never-testers

Plenary session 3 : Barriers to feasibility of PrEP implementation and potential solutions

Plenary session 4 : Substance use and HIV

On-site translation (Mandarin-Cantonese, English-Cantonese) will be available.

6.    Registration

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7.    Brochure

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