AIDS Concern TRIPLE ZERO Launch Party (19-09-2014)

AIDS Concern TRIPLE ZERO Launch Party (19-09-2014)


    AIDS Concern TRIPLE ZERO Launch Party

Determined to reverse the rising HIV/AIDS epidemic – nothing less

 Last Friday (19th September), AIDS Concern held a TRIPLE ZERO Launch Party. The purpose was to launch the NGOs refreshed vision and mission along with their new 5-Year Strategy for 2014-19. AIDS Concern’s new and innovative brand image was unveiled too.

 The party was widely joined by key supporters and partners of AIDS Concern including other HIV NGOs, Dr Susan Fan Yun-sun, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS; Mr Ray Chan Chi-chuen, Member of the Legislative Council and more.

 AIDS Concern’s new vision is to create TRIPLE ZERO Hong Kong with ZERO new infections, ZERO stigma and ZERO AIDS deaths. This is a vision borrowed from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

 In explaining the new vision, Andrew Chidgey, Chief Executive of AIDS Concern commented:

 “Some people have said that TRIPLE ZERO is too ambitious and unachievable but at AIDS Concern we believe that it must be our goal to reverse the rising epidemic – nothing less. The UNAIDS recently announced they would like to work towards the virtual global elimination of HIV by 2030. AIDS Concern believes that this must be our goal for Hong Kong as well.”

 “TRIPLE ZERO Hong Kong is not something that AIDS Concern can achieve alone. Only through actions by government, NGOs, companies and Hong Kong people can we hope to reach for it. AIDS Concern will lead and support social change by individuals, organisations and society to achieve TRIPLE ZERO, to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and eliminate stigma for people living with HIV”, Andrew said.

 In the coming 5-years, AIDS Concern has set four strategic directions which will provide a clear framework for its future work and services. They are: (1) Deliver HIV education and prevention targeting people at highest risk; (2) Provide support for people living with HIV in Hong Kong; (3) Build partnerships and capacity for an effective HIV response, and (4) Create public advocacy on HIV.

 In response to the new challenges, AIDS Concern has updated its brand proposition including logo and strapline with the generous support of TBWA\Hong Kong.

 The new shield-shaped logo represents AIDS Concern’s commitment to fighting against HIV/AIDS. The red ribbon symbolises the universal effort in combating the epidemic. In addition, the circular design aims to convey a message of inclusion and AIDS Concern’s determination to build partnerships for an effective HIV response.

 The new strapline “For Life” expresses AIDS Concern’s determination to speak up for people living with HIV, improving social knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS to reduce stigma. With an inclusive and accepting “big love” for all, AIDS Concern is committed to support life for people living with HIV as well as the anti-stigma campaign, so that they can live without stigma and discrimination.

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