Fundraising ambassador (EN)

Ah Man, Junior Team Leader

If I were a person living with HIV, will employers hire me after physical examination?
If I were a person living with HIV, I can’t imagine how wonderful is love
If I were a person living with HIV, I have no idea how I would face my family and friends
If I were a person living with HIV, I really want time could turn back to the past and someone can tell me how to prevent it.
No one knows what will happen in the future, but we can do a little bit more about education and prevention of AIDS. That’s why I will try my best to find more people to support AIDS Concern.

Ah Chi, Senior Team Leader

Being a fundraising ambassador, through training and sharing provided by AIDS Concern, I understand the meaning of my work. As the Red Ribbon suggests, accepting people living with HIV, supporting for HIV/AIDS prevention work, eliminating stigma for people living with HIV, and promiting the HIV Antibody Rapid Test are what we want to accomplish. Only my support is insufficient to achieve all these, so I need to spread the message and invite more people to support us.

Lok Yee, Fundraising Ambassador

I used to be a monthly donor and now I’m trying to support AIDS Concern as a Fundraising Ambassador. I found being a Fundraising Ambassador very meaningful. In addition to raising funds for our programs. I’m also able to educate the public with information about HIV/AIDS and hopefully change any negative attitudes they might have. After all, while encouraging people to support us with donations, we also want to educate them about HIV/AIDS and help to reduce the stigma attached to PLHIV. I once met a PLHIV and also a person who had a family member living with HIV while I was raising funds on the streets. From their stories I learnt more about the needs, difficulties and pressures of PLHIVs and that furthered my commitment to promoting rights and welfare of vulnerable communities.

Fanny, Team Leader

Since I attended AIDS Concern PLHIV sharing, I was surprised that social stigma and discrimination that people living with HIV/AIDS were always facing from general public in Hong Kong. For this reason, I wish to join AIDS Concern for helping the targeted community. As a fundraising ambassador, even though I encountered many rejections every day. But I never give up and strongly believe that deliver HIV education and prevention to public could eliminate stigma about HIV/AIDS and create a PLHIV-friendly society in Hong Kong.