An Introduction of Strangers Meeting by Chance

The storyteller gave himself a name, “the overseas worker”.

He said that it’s because he was really an overseas worker.

I bet this identity had another meaning to him.

This story began with this identity…

“The overseas worker” started in an indifferent tone. He had stayed and worked in Vietnam for more than a decade, and returned to Hong Kong after retirement in 2000. His infection with this disease was confirmed in a body check and a blood test. He was in total shock and failed to imagine this because no sympton was shown.

In front of me, he looked like a healthy old man. The only thing was that the medication he took every day made his cheek hollow, his tanned face appearing skinnier. This matched well with the indifference he showed. He said it was the side effect of the medicine and described that as fat transfer, meaning “fats going to places they don’t belong to”.

Most patients taking this medicine show spectacular physical appearance – an emaciated and hollow cheek and a big belly at the same time. Many patients refuse to take this medicine because they worried about being recognized as a patient due to the obvious features. However, this “overseas worker” showed no concern at all. The indifference puzzled me as it departed a long way from my expectation.

What did you think when you were found infected?

“It was unbelievable since I had been healthy and no symptom was shown. I could only accept the fact after the diagnosis. This was my fate afterall. We can only follow our destiny as there is no way to change it.”

To many people, this gap cannot be traversed. How can you overcome it single-handedly?

“I have already lived to this age. Fate cannot be changed anyway. The only thing that we can do is to follow their fate. This is not the most difficult time to me.”

What had he experienced in the past several decades that he becomes such obedient to to his tough, not fearing of difficulties in lives?