My Life

“Hello. I’m Uncle Lee and I’m 82. I eat well, sleep well and live well. I feel blessed.
I always share my story with others. A girl cried after knowing my story when I visited Standard Chartered Bank, as the experience after infection was heartbreaking. I was interviewed by the Standard and I answered every single question. Nothing should be hid. Now, let me tell you my story, starting from my birth.
I was born in 1928 into a peasant family in Hunan. My dad died in 1931, three years after my birth. Since then, nine members of my family, in which four are sons including me, were raised by my mum. Then, we built eight houses, two for each son. To do that, we had to be very thrifty. Mum passed away when I was in my teens. Life was really hard after the Sino-Japanese War and China’s liberation . So, I went to Hong Kong on my own. I wrote to tell them only a few months later. I sent home the money I earned. I had been a hair stylist trainee, promoted from an odd-job worker to a hair stylist in seven or eight years. I worked until my retirement when I was over 70. Meanwhile, I earned enough to send my son to study in the U.S., where I have lived for a while. But I returned to Hong Kong a year later as I could not speak nor understand English. After working for a couple of years, I was diagnosed with the disease. Then I have received CSSA for 10 years.
After I got the disease, my children were not filial to me but I felt the love and concern from the society. I have just moved into a public housing unit, one year after the application. I’m very happy about this. Hong Kong is a blessed place. I’m really happy that I went to Hong Kong. But I’m 82 and much less energetic than before. I don’t know how long I can live. I just want to be healthy and to be blessed by God, and that’s all I want for the rest of my life.
~Uncle Lee~”