“He” and I

“He” occupies a special position in my heart forever.

Do I hate him? No. Do I still love him? Maybe. Although he has been married.

And he only knew he was infected until I told him. Who could have known three months later, I would meet a girl, the only female I met in the supporting group, and knew that she was also infected by him?
Actually, I hate myself more. I hate my stupidity that I have to pay for it for the rest of my life.

To me, hating a person is pathetic and wastes a lot of energy. I chose to look forward. And since I still hold complex feelings to him, I would rather not to meet him. He is not of any help anyway. Facing him is like facing my own fatuity and mistakes. That’s heartbreaking.

But all these have passed away. Many people are not willing to face their own mistakes but to me, no one is as wise as a saint is. Who makes no mistake? Just like students of Zheng Sheng College and Gillian Chung. I think what is crucial is to face the mistakes frankly and learn from them. That’s really the most important.

~Little V~”