“The reporter was a bit nervous since it was the first time of meeting a person living with HIV. When the door opened, here came Eddie. He was different from the impression of people living with HIV in the reporter’s mind.

Eddie was slim, wearing a pair of glasses, hair dyed in brown. He was wearing a slightly baggy knit shirt and a pair of plain, deep-colored pants, which bring out the dark red checked furry ankle boots. The uniqueness of the boots showed that they were not local goods. The reporter asked and found out that they were from Britain.

His fashion sense came from years of fashion design experience. Eddie, aged 39, was a fashion designer before infection with HIV. He went to the hospital for a body check due to illness in 2008, and was diagnosed with HIV due to unsafe sex in early years.

Infected with very serious pneumonia, he was very week that his weight plunged. He was hospitalized for eight to nine months intermittently. He received “cocktail” treatment after the hospitalization and took regular medication twice a day.

He gave up his fashion design career and became a volunteer in different HIV organisations. He mostly assisted the promotion and prevention of the disease.By sharing his experiences of the illness, he aims to deepen the public’s understanding of the people living with HIV to reduce the misunderstanding and improve acceptance.

Eddie had the aura of a “melancholy boy” with a tender look. He loves literature and arts, and enjoys reading and listening to music. He is a loyal fan of Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung. He carries his medicines with a small bag that comes with an Anita’s accessories and he treasures it.

He also enjoys going to the movies. His life was associated with movies since his secondary school days when he went to the film festivals. He recalled the time he saw the publications of the Film Festival in the Art Center when he was in junior secondary school. That was the first time he got to know homosexual films, confirming his sexual orientation. The four flexuous love stories in his life were all related to movies.

Speaking of love, his eyes became unfocused, as if he was living the four past love stories…

~The reporter~”